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Words by Spencer Rogers | As Told By GUNNER | ROAD WARRIORS SERIES

In January I was on my way to our duck club with my lab, Bullet – who was riding in a GUNNER Kennels Intermediate crate in the bed of my F-250 – when I was hit head-on by a runaway car going north of 130MPH.

Or so I’m told, it happened in a split second. The driver was apparently being pursued by the police and I never had a chance to get out of his path.

Miraculously I walked away from the accident with two broken wrists, a broken hand, and several broken fingers. I’m sore and banged up, and I have a few surgeries ahead of me, but I just feel lucky to be alive.

When we left to go to the camp, it was pouring. Usually I tie down the crate, but with the conditions this was the one time I didn’t. I’m told the crate slid back in the truck and I’m not exactly sure what happened after the impact, but here’s what I do know: GUNNER Kennels saved my dog’s life.

“I asked the police to open the GUNNER kennel while I was trapped inside. They said he walked out wagging his tail.”

The Escambia County Sheriff Heath Jackson and his deputy took care of Bullet while I was transported to the hospital; they actually stayed outside until we took him home.

I just had a chance to inspect the crate, and it’s still in working condition, though the bottom got the worst of it as you can see. Thank you GUNNER.

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