Words by Amy Kraus | As Told By Gunner

When I was hit from behind by a vehicle going 62MPH, I was at a dead stop. The impact was so intense that it essentially impaled my rear door, buckled the metal underneath the 2016 Ford Explorer, and crumpled the trunk so that we couldn’t open the door. 

At the time of the wreck my German Shepherd, Gretchen, was riding in her Gunner kennel (the G1™ Large) in the rear of the Explorer – right at the point of impact – with the kennel door facing the tailgate.

I’m going to be honest: at that moment, I was scared to death that Gretchen was not alive after the impact. My truck was filled with smoke from the other vehicle so that I couldn’t see, and I didn’t hear any noise coming from her.

Fortunately my husband was actually in the other lane. He was already running towards us to help.Once we knew I was okay, he worked to release Gretchen from the Gunner crate. It hadn’t budged, and it was strapped down at the time.

The rear seat had come off its bolts, and we weren’t able to open the trunk door. Once we were able to jimmy a couple things to remove the kennel and open the door, Gretchen came trotting out. 

Gretchen was shaken, but there was not a scratch on her. The Gunner was banged up – scratches on the bottom and side – but structurally fine too. That is it! The kennel saved her life!  

I didn’t take many pictures, as it was bitterly cold that night – but in the first, you can see the buckled bumper and that the rear seat came off its bolts. The second photo shows how the frame buckled, and my passenger door is opening at an angle. The vehicle was a total loss.

While I know the photos don’t seem as dramatic as some of the trucks I have seen in collisions with Gunner, I know for a fact that kennel saved her life.

Thank you. I will be buying another one for my new GSD.

Please note: Gunner recommends strapping down your kennel with our Gunner strength-rated straps 100% of the time.

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