Days are getting longer, temperatures are getting warmer, and the birds are on their way back to their northern wetland home. Spring is upon us, and along with it are the showers that nourish the change. We’ve pulled together some of the most common questions we receive about our gear this time of year to provide a consolidated source of answers and tips surrounding our gear.

How do I keep my dog(s) cool as the temps rise?

Outside of ensuring proper sizing for their dogs, the topic we are asked to weigh in on most often from our customers is the temperature of their dog’s kennel. Throughout the seasons, it’s important to keep in mind the environment in which you’re placing your dog when traveling and influence the factors that are in your control. We also recommend knowing the signs and treatment of heatstroke in dogs.

Keep your dog hydrated.

There is no single more important factor for your dog keeping cool in the heat than hydration. Make sure to have plenty of accessible, cool water for them to drink, particularly before and after extended periods of exercise.

Pre-cool your dog’s kennel.

If you’re able, moving your kennel into a climate-controlled space before travel — such as a cooled garage or home — is a simple-yet-effective way to keep your dog comfortable. This is a particularly useful trick for your Gunner kennel, as the double-wall, rotomolded design provides excellent thermodynamic performance.

Install a fan, such as our G1™ Fan Kit.

Air movement from a fan is a proven way to replace the hot, humid air around your dog’s body with cooler, drier air. The effect is magnified in a confined space such as a kennel, which has a tendency to hold humidity from your dog’s breath. Fans also pair well with cooling agents such as ice, freezer packs, etc.

Find shade whenever possible.

A simple, yet sometimes overlooked way to reduce rising temps in the kennel. If you’re spending the with your dog at the park or a hunt test, it’s worth the extra effort to find or bring shade for their space.

Install a Thermometer in your dog’s kennel

There are a variety of inexpensive outdoor Bluetooth thermometers available online — it’s an easy way to accurately monitor your pup’s environment while they’re in their kennel.

Do I need to remove the All-Weather Kit when the weather gets hot?

If your dog’s kennel is exposed to the elements (i.e. Truck Bed) as you travel, you’ll want to take some extra precautions to make sure your dog is comfortable and dry during your trip. A cover like the All-Weather Kit is a great tool for this. However, we’re often asked if the AWK needs to be removed to ensure proper airflow for the dog during hot weather — and it does not need to be removed. When the sun is shining, you can securely roll the windows up and allow your dog’s kennel maximum ventilation.

Tip from the Pack: Install a Thermometer in your dog’s kennel

Do I need to worry about my Fan Kit in the rain?

We designed our G1™ Fan Kit to be weather and water-resistant, so you can have confidence your gear will perform when and where you need it to — regardless of what mother nature throws at you. To remove any doubt, take a look at this video from Pack member, Bryan Mallett.

Tip from the Pack: Installing your fan on the kennel door allows the use of the AWK at the same time

What is the best way to clean my GUNNER® Gear?

You and your dog play hard, so we built the most durable kennel on the market to keep up. But the the old adage “take care of your gear and it’ll take care of you” rings true. We recommend regularly cleaning your dog’s kennel to make sure that it remains a healthy and comfortable environment for them to spend time.

  • After emptying the kennel of dogs and other contents, we like to pull the drain plug and hit it with the hose or power washer. While the rotomolded plastic is odor resistant, going extended lengths of time without cleaning can leave behind some residual “wet dog smell.” In these instances, we’ll use a mild, pet-safe cleaner to help remove the odor. If video is your thing, here’s another quick video from our Pack demonstrating how to clean a dirty kennel + pad.
  • We apply the same concept to our Performance Pad. It’s completely waterproof, so you can rinse off whatever delightful mess your dog has brought into the kennel.
  • For our Orthopedic Bed, pull the pad and toss the ballistic nylon cover in the wash — hang it to dry. For extra dirty jobs, we like to hit the cover with a hose or power washer prior to putting it in the wash.

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