Winner of the Best Dog Crate for Car Travel

According to the Center for Pet Safety, the G1 Intermediate from Gunner Kennels is the top performing dog crate available today, and the last one you’ll ever need to buy.

Winner of the Best Dog Crate for Car Travel

Though I knew our products would speak for themselves, I never realized we’d achieve this type of recognition so quickly. When I started this company, we set out with one goal: to build the best dog crate imaginable. And the Center for Pet Safety’s admission that we’ve achieved our goal is just incredible. If you’ve ever been to our website, you might have read about my dog Gunner, the inspiration behind these kennels. He’s the hardest working dog I’ve ever owned and I wanted to make sure he would be safe no matter where we’re traveling. The outpouring of support for Gunner Kennels from our customers has been nothing short of amazing, and without you, none of this would be possible.

“The Gunner Kennel is the hands-down top performing crate of the 2015 study,” said CPS’s website. “Using the strength rated connection straps (sourced from Gunner Kennels) the product withstood the significant forces generated in the CPS testing.”

The purpose of the 2015 Crate Crashworthiness Study is to:

  • Independently evaluate the current-state travel crate products that claim “testing,” “crash testing” or “crash protection” and cost less than $1,000.00 (US).
  • Examine the safety, structural integrity and crashworthiness of “value” crates.
  • Examine connection options to help educate pet owners.
  • Collect performance data necessary to support a formal test protocol and ratings guidelines for pet travel crates.
  • Determine top performing crate brand(s).

“With the strength rated anchor straps tightened,” the site went on to say, “the Gunner Kennel’s rubber feet gripped the carpet unlike any other crate we have tested. This is a significant travel device, with outstanding structural integrity.”

I guess you could say that the results give us further credence as we keep building one crate at a time to better protect your dog when the two of you are out on the road. And we’re certainly not trying to brag when we say it’s the last crate you’ll ever need to buy. I’m just proud to know that all of you can depend on us to protect your best friend. Man’s best friend deserves Man’s Best Kennel.

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