The World's Best and Most Durable Dog Crate

The Gunner Kennel is the most durable dog crate on the market, and we can prove it. Here is a quick overview of all the major testing the Gunner Kennel has withstood to date. 

We put the G1™ Intermediate Gunner Kennel through the ultimate torture test to see how much it could take. After each test, this beast of a kennel outperformed the competition and showed very few signs of true structural harm. The Gunner Kennel is the most indestructible dog crate on the market, and we can prove it. Here is a quick overview of all the major testing the Gunner Kennel has withstood to date. Please note that no animals were used or injured in any of the following tests.

Cliff Test

While it’s not the fanciest test, we decided to chuck our kennel off a 200 ft cliff. Once wasn’t enough. We threw the crate off twice just to make sure it had a chance to hit all the major structures on its tumble down the cliffside. The results? Minor scuffs and scratches. The crate was still completely intact, and my dog Gunner even decided to ride home in it.

Shotgun Test

With a large number of our customers as hunters, we wanted to ensure our kennel could withstand a shotgun blast. An unintentional discharge might be rare, but crazier things have happened in the field. Therefore, we fired a 12 gauge shotgun with a full choke at 7 steps with #7 sized shot at the back of the kennel. Not a single pellet made its way through thanks to the 2 layers of rotationally molded plastic.

*The following 3 tests were independently performed by MGA Research Corporation

Sled Drop Test

Some dog crate companies have dropped free weights on top of their crates to show how structurally sound they are. We dropped a 70 pound dumbbell from 2 stories high and the weight bounced off the top of the kennel…Cute test. Needless to say, we decided to turn it up a notch. MGA dropped a 630 pound sled from 100 inches from the top of the kennel. The Gunner Kennel kept it’s shape thanks to the stainless steel inserts and bolts holding our rock solid body together.

Pressure Test

This next test was used to see just how strong our kennel really was. It involved applying consistent rising pressure all the way up to 4,000 pounds. This test was no match for the Gunner Kennel. Competitors’ crates were all crushed under 3000 pounds, while the G1 retained its structure after 4,000 pounds. MGA did not want to run the test past this point for fear of the Gunner Kennel would break their machine again.

Frontal Crash Test

While the other tests reveal how durable our kennel truly is, a crash test was the foundation of all of our durability testing. First and foremost, our dog crates are designed for the safety of your dog when traveling. The final test simulated a 30 mph front end automobile crash. While other crates were thrown and busted up, the G1 remained safe and sound on the platform. The difference lies in our double wall roto-molded plastic body, secured tie down pins, new door system, and custom Mil-Spec nylon straps.

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