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Breed Group



10-12 years


Social, Versatile, Stubborn


Intelligent Powerful, Noble, Balanced, Versatile, Methodical


Brown Roan, Orange Roan, White, White & Orange
According to the AKC


Brown, Orange
According to the AKC


Italy & others

The Spinoni Italiani isn’t a breed you see a lot out in the field, but its Old World charm and versatility make it one of the more interesting sporting dogs. Known to be social canines, they hold a naturally positive and endearing demeanor. And though they aren’t the most common breed in the states, maybe they should be: these family friendly pups translate well into the field and hold a medium energy level (though they can kick it into high gear when needed). Let’s take a closer look at what makes this breed stand out.

Spinoni Italiani Attributes

Spinoni Italiani are full of energy with high prey drive but good to relax at home – making them a good choice for families with children. If neglected or without a clear alpha figure, there is going to be defiant behavior exhibited but they don’t tend to be aggressive and aren’t natural guard dogs (not much barking with this lot).

The Spinone Italiano has a solid, square body with a good height and weight balance. The breed’s average height is 22 to 28 inches with weight varying from 62 to 86 lbs, classifying them in the “large” dog breed. Their color and markings are brown, orange, and white with wiry textured hair – fortunately for you they don’t need a ton of grooming, as they’re intended to look in their “natural state.”

spinone italiano hunting dog

Working With A Spinone Italiano

The Spinoni Italiani is one of the oldest gundogs still in existence, bred to be versatile determined and tireless when hunting, pointing, and retrieving game. They’re natural retrievers and move at a good trot, but won’t be nicknamed Speedy Gonzales. These guys are built for endurance: longevity is where they shine. They have the advantage in dense brush and cold water over other gun dogs, too – their wiry thick hair serves as natural protection from temps that would punish other pups, and thorny bushes like the Italian “spino,” inspired their name.

Gundog owners need the time and diligence to train, as the breed is known to be intelligent and stubborn. They’re infamous for shutting down if training is too harsh, and probably aren’t going to be the dog to stay high and tight in the field. But patience pays off and the reward is big, because these dogs are ready to work, excellent swimmers and definitely have the nose.

Tips For Training A Spinone Italiano

From what we’ve gathered, Spinoni Italiani dogs have little patience for tasks they deem pointless. Positive gundog training seems to be the key to getting that eager-to-please trait exhibit. They can start training at 8 weeks old, and like any dog early guidance will mold a love of learning and good behavior. We’ll leave the real training tips to the experts.

History Of The Spinone Italiano Gun Dog

Spinoni Italiani are well known field dogs in the Continental Europe, and for good reason – multiple countries take credit for the Spinone Italiano breed. Besides Italy, France, Russia, Greece, and Celtic Ireland are among the countries who have an early relation with the wiry hunting dog. Throughout history they’ve been used for everything from hunting dogs to companions and assistance dogs.

The dudes didn’t appear in America until the early ‘30s, but it wasn’t good timing for their entry with the onset of WWII. Today they rank 109th in popularity, according to AKC, so utilizing this breed will set you apart from the Pack.

To round it out: Spinoni Italiani have an even temperament and would be a great dog for both hunting and family companionship. The Spinoni Italiani doesn’t need acres to run on but should be exercised daily: a small yard in combination with a long walk is enough. They’re happiest when doing something outdoors like a hike, or better yet, a hunt.

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