How A GK Dog Crate Survived A Bridge Car Crash

Peyton Bullard – a resident of Hoisington, Kansas – was rounding a curve one evening when he lost control of his truck. As the backend of his pickup crashed into the guardrail of a bridge, one of his first thoughts was his dog: he knew immediately that the majority of the damage would be sustained in the exact spot where his labrador retriever, Grizz, was riding. Check out the extensive damage sustained in the photo that Peyton’s submitted above.

Fortunately for Grizz the dog was protected in Gunner Kennels’ G1™ Intermediate. As a hunting guide, he works alongside Grizz nearly every day. He told us he did not think the lab would not be alive if not for Gunner Kennels.

“Gunner Kennels saved his life that night. Grizz walked away from the situation without any injuries, and he was riding right where the blow happened. You never expect something like that to happen to you. You can’t tell me your dog’s life isn’t worth a kennel.

– Peyton Bullard, G1™ Customer 

As the only 5 Star Crash Test Rated pet travel crate, we engineered this crate specifically for your peace of mind in scenarios such as this – as corny as it may sound, we’re literally in the business of saving lives. To watch Gunner Kennels undergo various crash tests – including those from the Center For Pet Safety study – click here.

Though Peyton’s G1™ Intermediate took the full force of the guardrail, he said he was able to continue using his kennel – a note he couldn’t make about his truck. See below for pictures of the Gunner Kennel that was in his truck that night, taken several weeks after the crash: 

And, one last photo of his truck that night for good measure: 

Now you know why we say Man’s Best Friend deserves Man’s Best Kennel®.

A picture of Grizz in a blind, several weeks after the wreck

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