#MyGunnerStory: Dog Crate Comparison

Ever wondered how much you spend on your dog in a lifetime? We created this kennel for anyone who understands that investing in the best to protect your dog is a necessity – peace of mind (and your dog’s safety) is priceless, but guest blogger Anne Marie Hastings also breaks down her kennel cost comparisons over a dog’s lifetime, and why she knows Gunner Kennels is your best bet.

Anne Marie and her dog

We believe that we are delivering a product that has changed everything for dog owners: the first double-walled rotomolded pet crate that promises a lifetime warranty, and the only one we’d trust with our own dogs, and the last kennel you’ll ever buy. Our products are engineered to better protect your dog against all sorts of elements – and according to these crash tests, the best investment for your dog. And with the average (just the average) owner spending nearly $25,000 on their dog during his/her lifetime, why wouldn’t want the best to protect him?

We can talk all day long about why a Gunner Kennel is your better investment, but we decided to hand the reigns to Anne Marie, a lifelong dog owner who knows a thing or two about raising a pup up.

Gunner Kennels Customer: Anne Marie

NAME: Anne Marie

DOG(s) NAME: Baron

DOG(s) BREED: Black Labrador Retriever

DOG(s) AGE: 12 Weeks

CITY, STATE: Little Rock, Arkansas



My family has always had labradors, and the only other breed I’ve ever owned is a Chihuahua mix named Bruiser. Since I was 2 years old I’ve ridden with my father to our duck club with dogs in the back. Like my other dogs before him, Baron will make many car trips in his lifetime… to the duck club, the lake, and wherever else my dog is allowed to be with me. It’s comforting to know that I invested in a safe kennel for him, because if an accident were to harm him I would never forgive myself.


Let’s start by talking about my previous lab, Boomer, who was an escape artist. He couldn’t stand to be separated from people, and would figure out his crates’ locking systems to escape and wander throughout the basement, leaving “Boomer bombs.” Over his lifespan, we must’ve tried dozens of solutions – if Gunner Kennels existed at the time, there’s no doubt our problem would’ve been solved.

I got my puppy, Baron, at 7 weeks old and have already spent about $2,000 on him. That is a solid investment, and the cost of a Gunner Kennel was worth buying to protect my already expensive asset. Forget that Gunner Kennels is the absolute safest crate for my dog – it also holds a lifetime warranty. You can see below that I put together a conservative kennel cost breakdown that I would expect to spend over his lifetime if I purchased something else. It’s pretty clear.

kennel cost comparison

As far as Baron’s expenses, they are far from being over. He is in school to be duck hunting dog, needs quality food, veterinary visits and various other everyday expenditures. Being a sporting dog, I would say that spending $25,000 over his lifetime could be an understatement. What I can guarantee is that through all of these expenses, the one that I will not have to build on is his Gunner Kennel.


In a previous post, Addison mentioned that “kenneling at home can safeguard your dog from outside dangers that include other pets; eating and digesting a foreign object or liquid; escaping from your house; and destroying your personal items, among other things.” As all puppies do, Baron chews. He chews chairs, shoes, remote controls, everything that he can get a grip on. If I do not catch him in time, he is victorious in his chewing escapade. However, I never have to worry about him escaping or chewing up his kennel because from what I have seen, it is impossible. He took a few snaps at the kennel door at the beginning, but now that he realizes it is his “house,” he doesn’t seem to want to (or can) do any damage to it.

It has already proven its durability with what seems like the endless chewing phase – I have a good feeling this kennel will be around for many more of my labs to come.


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