Dog Crate VS F150 at 50MPH: Crash-Tested

Scott Deaton and his two-year-old lab named Clyde were on their way home from training for an upcoming AKC Hunt Test in Birmingham, Ala., when it happened: at a near stand-still stop during 5 o’clock traffic – waiting behind a car who was signaling a turn – his Chevy Tahoe was suddenly rammed from behind by a Ford F-150 going approximately 50 mph.

Clyde was riding in his Gunner Kennels G1™ Intermediate at the time, located in the cargo area of the Tahoe. Though Scott walked away from the accident with some injuries (including whiplash and a concussion), he said Clyde was completely unharmed, both physically and mentally as far as he could tell. 

“I was sitting there when WHAM! This truck came out of nowhere, completely destroying my back end. I couldn’t open the trunk it was so smashed in – I had to climb in through the back to get to Clyde. When I opened the door he came out of the crate with his tail wagging.

As you can see, he was in the back where the truck hit us. If he had been sitting in the car he would’ve gone through the windshield. There was glass everywhere in the trunk, but no glass in Clyde. Thank you for making such a high-quality product.”

– Scott Deaton, G1™ customer

Photo submitted by Scott Deaton

Though Scott assumes that his SUV will be totaled, he says the kennel remains in good shape. In fact, Clyde used the kennel the very next weekend, when he competed as the youngest dog in a local AKC contest for Master Hunter (Clyde already maintains a HRC title).

See below for pictures of the Gunner Kennel that was in his Tahoe that day, taken by Scott in his backyard a few days after the crash: 

Photo submitted by Scott Deaton

As the only 5 Star Crash Test Rated pet travel crate, we engineered the G1™ Intermediate specifically for your peace of mind in scenarios such as this. Gunner Kennels, as well as the Center For Pet Safety, recommend using our strength-rated tie-down straps when traveling 100% of the time. To watch Gunner Kennels undergo various crash tests – including those from the Center For Pet Safety study – click here.

Here are two more photos of the lab… just for good measure. Keep gunnin’, Clyde. 


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