The Best Dog-Friendly Vehicles To Travel In

As dog owners become more conscious of pet safety when traveling, a car with pet-friendly features is becoming a must-have. Here are few we hear are great.

The Best Dog-Friendly Vehicles To Travel In

In a recent blog, we mentioned that 81% of dog owners consider their dogs to be true family members, equal in status to children. So, it makes sense that we shop for cars with our dog’s safety and comfort in mind.

“What’s the latest trend in car-buying? The hunt for the perfect “dog mobile,” said John Tesh, host of the radio show, Intelligence for Your Life. “Basically, people picking their ride based on the pets they have – so their furry friends can travel and run errands with them comfortably and safely.”

You will see a lot of our crates in the back of pickup trucks, but a pickup truck does not always fit into the lifestyle of all dog owners. Gunner Kennels also fit well in mini-vans, SUVs and hatchbacks. Here’s a list of some great vehicles for dogs and their owners.

Do-It-All Crossover

Subaru Outback and Forester

With reports stating that 69% of Subaru car owners have pets, Subaru is taking the lead on studying the safety of pet travel products.

“We at Subaru recognize the importance of keeping the entire family safe on the road, including our beloved pets,” said Michael McHale, Subaru’s director of corporate communications. “Alongside Center for Pet Safety, we are proud to help lead the charge in identifying the best crates and carriers for pet lovers everywhere, while, more importantly, making pet parents aware of the safety measures they can take and the dangers that can occur if they don’t. We recommend that owners choose the right sized crate for their dog, which is generally six inches longer than the body of the dog. We are also pleased that our crossover vehicles, which are award winners themselves for safety, accept most crate and carrier sizes.”

When Consumer Reports asked their Facebook followers to choose a vehicle that is currently available in the U.S. that they want to live with as a daily driver, the winner was the 2015 Subaru Outback wagon with 25 percent of the vote, and second place went to the 2015 Forester SUV (24 percent).

Subaru’s benchmark safety ratings, combined with ample cargo space and a Gunner Kennel, makes it a great family vehicle for safe travels with your pet at a very reasonable price, wherever the road of adventure may take you.

Gizmag.com has this to say about the 2016 Forester: “It promises everything you need for a night, day or weekend trip out to the theater, to grandma’s house, or to your favorite lake. Everything about the Forester is aimed towards family hauling with that Subaru ‘go there, do that’ mentality.”

Long Range Hauler

Ram City Wagon

The Ram City Wagon has numerous features that make it dog friendly. As you can see in the video below, there is an ample cargo space and multiple anchor point to hold a couple of Gunner Kennel crates. We think it would be perfect for dog owners who travel to shows and field trials.

Family Fun

Chrysler Town & Country

While our dog crates will fit in any mini-van, we included the Chrysler Town & Country in this list because of the many positive reviews we have heard from our customers. Getting two crates into the rear cargo area is a breeze. If you fold down the seats, you can fit up to four. Whatever mini-van you decide to choose, some dog-friendly features you want to look for include adequate window and A/C vents in the rear and cargo attachments to strap your crate down.

The Hybrid

Chevrolet Colorado

While we tried to leave pickup trucks off this list, you can’t ignore the versatility of the mid-size Colorado. The spacious area available in the crew cab model feels like an SUV (and rides like one too), but you still have a 5-foot bed to easily load, unload and strap down multiple crates. 

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