Dog Kennels Made In The USA

You may have seen the badge on our website – as many of you know, our G1™ Gunner Kennels have been proudly Made in America since the very beginning. That term seems to be tossed around often… what does it mean in our case?

Dog Crates Made In The USA

For Gunner Kennels, it means that this company was conceived in Mississippi, that operations are held in Tennessee, and that the G1™ dog box is built in the Midwest. It means that our dog crates are designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A – no corners cut. It means that before customers receive one of our crates, no less than a dozen sets of American hands have played a direct role in creating it.

We decided early on to do things the right way. Aspects of the business like not compromising on quality of materials, like always choosing the most advanced processes, like testing to make sure our crates are the most durable on the market – and making our Gunner dog kennels in the U.S.A. – are important to us.

By now, customers across six continents own a piece of Southern craftsmanship. That’s pretty cool, and we hope they see the American-Made difference. We know that each one appreciates the unique relationship between dog and man… and the peace of mind that Gunner Kennels gives in protecting their best friend.

Gunner Kennels offers a discount for all military and veterans, as well as for law enforcement and first responders. Thank you for your service to this country.

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