By Bob Owens of Lone Duck Outfitters | Gunner Ambassador

Photo by Levi Glines

Gift Idea: List for Dedicated K-9 Owners

And so the countdown to Christmas begins. If you’re like me, you’ve been making a wishlist for loved ones because “you’re so hard to shop for” and you’re tired of (although grateful for) receiving gift cards. And luckily, Gunner just released their wishlist feature.

So if you’re making a list and checking it twice, here’s a little sneak peek of what is on my wish list for this holiday season… feel free to forward this to my wife!

Gunner Kennels Wishlist

Gunner Crate Cover

The All-Weather Kit from Gunner is a must-have for gun dog owners, especially those like me up in the cold and snowy north country. Yes, your dog is already riding in style because of their G1 but they should stay warm and dry while looking good. This kit is really easy to install on your G1™ and has a snug fit on the kennel so even on the windiest of days, your dog will have a comfortable and safe ride home from a hunt. Personally, I like the Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage version but it also comes in a sleek black. Whatever your preference, you really can’t go wrong.

Kennel Fan

The G1™ Kennel Fan Kit is one of the handiest tools I have on my truck. It’s rugged and waterproof so I don’t have to worry about leaving it on the kennel in the bed of my truck. Personally, I keep one attached on the bottom of the door to my dog’s kennel so they can catch a breeze while laying down after a good training session. I often see people with cords and construction fans rigged in the back of their truck with battery chargers and it just looks like chaos to me. Gunner’s Fan Kit comes in two colors, a tan and a black so it matches your kennel nicely. I think the best part is how long the battery lasts with the fan blowing at top speed— it’s pretty impressive.

Gunner Twill Hat

“How can a hat be on the ultimate wish list,” you ask? Because everyone knows that it’s nearly impossible to find a good hat and once you have that one special hat, especially for hunting, you don’t let it go. You wear that orange hat while trudging through dense grouse woods, while waiting impatiently for deer and while having an after hunt drink with friends. You build memories with a good hat and they’re hard to replace, even when they’re worn to threads. Well, here’s a fantastic option. Gunner’s hat is low-profile and extremely comfortable. Once you put it on, you’ll not want to take it off.

PS – Gunner realized a new rope hat after I jotted this down, and I’m really digging that one too.

Stocking Stuffer

While you’re making your list, be sure to add the Gunner Koozie because you can never have enough good lookin’ koozies on hand.

Bonus Item

These custom Gunner x YETI Boomer Bowls, in both the 4- and 8-cup. Have a great holiday season, cheers! – Bob Owens

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