GK Profile: Remedies For Kam's Dog Storm Anxiety

Because each customer’s story – and relationship with their dog – is different, we’ve started to document a few for you. Today’s Q&A is with Kelle, a Mississippi resident whose dog “Kam” has severe storm anxiety.


Gunner Kennels Customer: Kelle Kerlin & Kam



DOG’S AGE: 3 years old

DOG’S WEIGHT: 49 lb.

HOW MANY DOGS DO YOU OWN? 3 – all rescued mixed breeds

CITY, STATE: Flowood, Mississippi



*Editor’s note: Though Kelle has not needed the chew kit accessory for her storm-anxious dog, it is a recommended accessory for most customers who have dogs with phobias

Customer Q&A: Reviews & Tips From A Owner Of A Dog With Phobia

Name a few words that describe Kam.
Gorgeous, loving, brave.

We hear Kam has storm anxiety. Tell us about that.
Kam absolutely hates thunderstorms, and he has since he was a puppy. He knows they are coming long before we do and begins a full-on mental breakdown when a furious storm rolls in. Kam has to be contained during a thunderstorm or he will harm himself and destroy our house, as he is amazingly powerful. My husband and I have “Kam proofed” our house, this includes new floors (he would not allow us to have carpet, he destroyed an entire carpeted room during a storm), a custom table built to keep him from getting behind our washer and dryer, and we have installed babyproof cabinet doors in our kitchen so he could not open them during a thunderstorm.

Why’d you choose Gunner Kennels?
We chose a Gunner Kennel because the Animal Rescue Foundation recommended it. Kam was put up for adoption through ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) after we found him at a gas station, but we became “foster failures.” They told us how well-made Gunner Kennels were, and that they were trying to get one for Freckles [a dog available for adoption!]. We tried it for Kam, and they were right. Gunner Kennels are unbreakable.

In your opinion, what sets Gunner Kennels apart? Has it protected Kam?
It has absolutely protected Kam. Each kennel that Kam has broken has been due to a flaw that could have been avoided with more careful designing, such as a latch. It is such a relief to know Kam has a safe place when a storm rolls in. Gunner Kennels’ G1™  also muffles the sound of the storm, and allows him a secure place to be during thunder storms, Kam no longer tries to get into places that will harm him because he has his “safe place” to be at during a storm. This kennel has given us peace of mind, and Kam security (more: read our thunderstorm phobia blog post here). The quality of this kennel is unmatched and I am grateful it was recommended to us.

Where’s your favorite place to travel with Kam?
Any social event where dogs are allowed, Kam is ALWAYS the life of the party. People can’t get enough of him and he LOVES the attention. He is a very well behaved dog, he just can’t handle thunderstorms!

Anything else you’d like to add?
This kennel has been such a blessing, I hope everyone else with this an anxious dog finds Gunner Kennels as well. Thank you for making high-quality kennels for people with storm-anxious dogs!  

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