The Safest Dog Crate: Plastic Or Aluminum

The Gunner dog crate is heavy duty. We know they ⁠aren’t the lightest crates out there to lift.

The Gunner dog crate is heavy duty and yes; we know they aren’t the lightest out there to lift… but they are the safest dog crates that you could possibly find. So why did we build them this way? It wasn’t for the hell of it. The G1™ kennel is the only double-wall rotomolded crate on the market, and that is just part of the Gunner safety equation.

Why does this matter?

That extra muscle it takes to move the Gunner is due to its unique construction, which can offer up to at least 2x the impact protection than a single-wall crate. Even though rotational molding already provides high strength, our double layer can further reduce the risk of failure in high stress concentration points.

Gunner Kennels is tested and proven to protect dogs in potentially life-or-death scenarios. But if you’re looking for further evidence as to why that second rotomolded layer matters, see below for what Dr. Alvin Spence had to say. He’s an engineer who literally has a Ph.D. in Rotational Molding:

“Double-wall construction essentially means double the impact protection (if not more) for the animal, as the exterior layer would absorb the majority of an initial impact, with the interior wall providing another layer of protection.” – Dr. Spence

Still wondering if our dog crate is safer?

Good, because we’re ok with proving that we have the safest dog crate. The Gunner crew has worked hard and done a significant number of crash tests to put these kennels through the ringer before a paw steps inside the door. Speaking of kennel doors, ours is unique because it includes a strong paddle lock and two steel supports that help to keep the door from collapsing during a collision. 

We’ve verified accounts from more than two dozen customers who say that our dog crate saved their dogs’ lives. These are in real-life accidents, not simulated scenarios going only 30mph. The wrecks have included rollovers, head-on collisions, T-bones, rear-ends and more in trucks, SUVs and cars  – proving that the crate can withstand both human error and significant outside forces.

Most testing to ensure safety

double wall rotomolded dog kennel

“Gunner uses a very tough and durable Polyethylene material with excellent UV resistance for outdoor use. The second layer of separation also helps to reduce the amount of UV light that can reach the inside of the kennel.” – Dr. Spence

Here’s a temperate test video of the Gunner compared to other crates on the market. The difference in one popular kennel and the Gunner is ~40 degree difference.

“The added benefits of a double-wall construction means that the interior is more insulated from the external environment, and the interior surface is smooth and comfortable.” – Dr. Spence

Think about it: Gunner has a stainless-steel tie-down pins integrated into our crate. The inside of our dog crate is smooth because of our second layer, ensuring there’s no potentially dangerous internal protrusions that a single-walled crate could possibly have.

Plus: This dog survived a rollover wreck and made it through the accident “without so much as a scratch, physically or emotionally.”

So yeah, we aren’t going to sugar coat it. The safest dog crate on the market is a few pounds heavier than your standard single-wall wannabe. But we’re not going to shave a handful of ounces that might compromise your dog’s wellbeing. Hard work isn’t always convenient, and our dog crate works harder than any other, thanks to this double-layer design.

Any questions on why double-walled dog crates make a difference? Email us here.

(left) Single-Wall Rotomolded Crate • (right) Gunner’s Double-Wall Rotomolded Kennel

(left) Single-Wall Rotomolded Crate • (right) Gunner’s Double-Wall Rotomolded Kennel

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