Words by Christian Dubois, Gunner Ambassador

The greatest time of year is just about upon us here in the South. Blinds are getting brushed, early-season teal are making their way down the flyway, and college football is on the big screen across camps throughout the marshes and swamps.

What Lies Beneath

Camp comradarie is at an all-time high since the end of last season. Our most favorite four-legged friends are in top shape, fine-tuned, and ready for 60+ days of their favorite past time, retrieving. All is well.

However, in certain regions of our area – like mine – beneath the water’s surface, lies “dinosaurs” as some cajun folk calls them.

I live in Louisiana, and around here gator season and teal season share the same month. It’s pretty evident as to where the dogs usually stay during early teal. Gators can be aggressive towards dogs, and we certainly don’t want our companions in harm’s way.

Some Cajun Advice

Me personally, I rarely take dogs out during early teal season – unless we’re hunting rice fields, where the chance of coming into contact with a gator is far less likely. Later into our season, once cold fronts make their way south, gators go into hibernation and are far less common.

 If you find yourself hunting the south early in the season, be sure to get out and scout your honey holes first before jumping in full force with your dogs.
Gunner Note: Friends of Addison’s brother-in-law (and also Gunner owners!) recently made the Mississippi news with this massive gator.

I hope everyone has a great season, and happy hunting! 

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