How A GK Dog Crate Survived A Steel Bumper Crash

A Jeep on 40″ tires with a steel bumper rear-ended me doing about 35-40 mph, when I was at a dead stop. Your kennel took the full force of my tailgate, and most likely prevented it from breaking out my back window.

You cannot even tell where it hit the kennel (see photos below) – just about everything else in the back of my truck was broken or damaged in some way. I can say without a doubt that a standard travel kennel would have shattered. Before owning your kennel I used a standard metal dog box at the end of my bed, that would have been completely gone.

Will recommend Gunner Kennels for life.”

– Carter Coleman, G1™ customer

When our G1™ Intermediate was awarded the Top Performer in the Center For Pet Safety‘s 2015 Crash Study, we were thrilled but not surprised: we engineered this crate specifically for your dog’s wellbeing and designed it for your peace of mind. This is just one of many stories we’ve heard – see below for proof of how Gunner Kennels impacted this outcome.

We’re happy to let you know that Carter’s dog was not involved in the accident. To watch Gunner Kennels undergo various crash tests – including those from the CPS study – click here.

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