The Gunner Effect Giveaway 2017

Thanks to all who participated in the first #GunnerEffect giveaway – from the hundreds of photos that we sorted through each week, we realized something significant: our pack is made up of invested dog owners dedicated to their best friend and their passions. That accounted for some pretty inspiring moments that had us itching to relive them all. See below for those that took home the bragging rights. Until next year –  


// Jonathan Brazell //

“Job Well Done” 
Instagram handle: @fowldoctormedia 

TOP PRIZE - Jonathan Brazell


// Tanner Davis //

“Hanging It Up” 
Instagram handle: @_tanner_davis

Finalist - Tanner Davis

// Tanner Smith //

“Callin’ It In” 
Instagram handle: @tsmithhunt

Finalist - Tanner Smith

// Jason King //

“They’ll Give You Everything”
Instagram handle: @jasonkingmedia 

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