Choose The Best Crate Size For Your Dog

First, thanks for investing in Gunner safety for you dog. Second, we’re here to help! If you’re not sure if you’ve selected the right size for your dog, use these resources below. If you’d rather talk to us directly, shoot an email to or schedule a phone call with us here to talk with us at your convenience.

Choose The Best Crate For Safe Travel

Rethink what you “know.” This is the best advice that our Customer Experience team gives to those asking about the best kennel fit for travel.

Addison created the Gunner kennel specifically for transportation, and that factors into our own fit recommendations: when thinking about if the size you’ve selected is the correct one, please consider if you will use the G1™ primarily for kenneling at home or for securing the K9’s safety while traveling. ⁠⁠

⁠If you are going to primarily use this crate for travel, we always recommend a snug fit for a Gunner kennel. This protects the dog in the case of an accident: the less wasted interior space the better. Think about it like this… if you’re hitting the brakes too hard – or God forbid, get into a wreck – you’d rather that your dog have less room to move around inside the kennel.

It’s a bit of a mind-shift in what you might normally take into consideration when making sure a kennel is the right size, but we believe this is for the safety of the dog. And honestly, many of our customers have found that their dog feels more secure when traveling in a tighter area too.⁠ Here’s a good visual for you to consider when selecting a crate for travel:

Our Sizing Guidelines for Safe Travel

Based on our recommendation for a snug fit for travel, we developed the chart below as a guide for selecting the proper size Gunner kennel for your dog. To get the length of your dog, take a soft measuring tape and measure from the front of their nose to the base of their tail. Be sure to reference the graphic below the guide to see how we measure length.

Properly measuring your dog for a Gunner kennel.

In the video below, Addison shows you how Gunner – a chocolate British lab around 70 lb. – fits in both an Intermediate and Large, and talks about why we recommend the tighter fit for travel. If you’ve received the kennel and are on the fence on if your size is right, this may help give you a better visual into our sizing guidelines.

Choose The Best Crate For Home Kenneling

If you bought this crate and are using the crate primarily for home kenneling, you will want to ignore the above guidelines and choose the size your dog is used to spending time in.

When using the Gunner primarily for the home, you’ll want your dog to be able to stand up inside the crate, turn around very easily, and lay comfortably with the door closed. We will remind you that dogs are den animals, and we believe they enjoy having a darker, snug space all their own.

Still Unsure If You Bought The Right Size?

If you’re still hung up on if you bought the right size, no worries. Our Customer Experience team is around Monday through Friday to help (don’t be surprised if you hear from them on a weekend too, they’re pretty dedicated).

You can email them a photo of your dog for their thoughts to, or schedule a phone call with them here to talk with them at your convenience.

“Wanted to show what Ruger looks like in his Gunner not posed for a photo, but when out running errands and how he lays in his kennel naturally.⁠ In my truck he rides in an Intermediate. Ruger is 55-60lbs and roughly 25inches at the shoulders. Here are two ways I caught him laying in his kennel. Many will think a kennel is too small for their dogs. For your vehicle you want your dog to be snug in the kennel so that if you were in an accident your dog isn’t being thrashed around inside but more secured and snug. Kind of how our seat belts hold you snug in place. ⁠ Now in my house my dogs are in larger kennels where they can stretch and it be much more spacious. For our vehicles we don’t want that.”
– @west_coast_heeler_pack⁠