NYPD ESU K9 Team_Dogs

The New York City Police Department Emergency Service Unit (ESU) is part of the city’s special operations bureau, specifically trained to perform tactical and technical rescue duties. A big part of the ESU team is its elite K9 unit, dozens of dogs that help with missing person searches, evidence searches, tracking, and explosive detection.

It’s easy to see why Gunner Kennels is extremely proud that the NYPD ESU K9 team purchased its unit G1™ Intermediate and Large crates, to be used both on duty transports and for each of the handlers’ personal use.

Some of our team – including Gunner, the chocolate lab and namesake of the company – was in New York a few weeks ago, and had the cool invitation from Officer Sean Stone to tour the Brooklyn facility of the ESU Canine Unit while we were in town. We got a walkthrough of the daily operations and training site (Gunner even ran some of the paces), saw the setups with the G1™ kennels, and even met a few of the handlers and their dogs who have joined the ranks of the elite team.

We learned a lot – one interesting fact we walked away with is that many of these dogs end up with a new name after graduating to the K9 team, with a name to honor a fallen NYPD officer killed in the line of duty. We met one of those dogs: K9 Timoshenko, named in loving memory of Russel Timoshenko, who was killed in the LOD in 2007.

Thank you to Officer Stone and the ESU K9 Unit for the hospitality, for your service, and for being part of the Pack. We are honored that you trust your elite K9s with Gunner.

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