Dear Gunner, the season has ended and I need to give my Gunner kennel a good cleaning. My Performance Pad might need to some work too. What’s the best way to go about that?

Dirty Dog Owner


Good thinking Dirty Dog Owner. If the crate needs a light cleaning – aka there isn’t a lot of hair, dirt or sand in the kennel’s bottom – just pull the crate’s removable drain plug out of the back and hose down the interior. Don’t worry it can take it. When you’re done, tip the kennel and let the water run out the back if there’s any excess. Done.

But if you want to really give your kennel (or Performance Pad) a good scrub, below is a how-to video that gets the job done. Here’s what you’ll need to truly give your kennel that deep clean:
• Bucket
• Soap
• Mop
• Hose

– Ali Erksine, West Coast Heeler Pack

P.S. here’s how to clean your dirty Orthopedic Bed.

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