⁠In all seriousness, “Intermediate or Large?” is our #1 most asked question. Addison created the Gunner kennel specifically for transportation, and that factors into our own fit recommendations: when choosing a size, please consider if you will use the G1™ primarily for kenneling at home, or for securing the K9’s safety while traveling. ⁠

If using the crate for traveling we always recommend a snug fit. This protects the dog in the case of an accident: the less wasted interior space the better. It’s a bit of a mind-shift in what you might normally take into consideration when selecting a kennel but we believe this is for the safety of the dog. Many of our customers have found that their dog feels more secure when traveling in a tighter area, too.⁠

Those of you who are using their crate primarily for home kenneling will obviously want to opt for a larger size if the dog is spending longer, more consistent periods of time in there.⁠


Watch this video.


This infographic to Gunner Kennels sizing might be helpful, if you’re trying to determine the right fit for travel.

If you’re still hung up on sizing, our Customer Experience team is around Monday through Friday to help (don’t be surprised if you hear from them on a weekend too, they’re pretty dedicated). We’ve also built out several resources for peace of mind. Check out gunner.com/pages/product-finder for these resources:

✔️ Augmented Reality App⁠
✔️ Fit Finder Quiz⁠
✔️ Vehicle Fit Quiz⁠
✔️ Customer Sizing Gallery⁠
✔️ GK Discussion Den Facebook Group