Words by Derrick Payne| As Told By Gunner

“Thank you for making such a good product. I was made fun of by some of my buddies for having such an expensive kennel, but we all know that I got the last word when it saved my dog.”

One Friday afternoon, I loaded my English lab, Charli Grace, into her Large GUNNER Kennel in the bed of my truck to take her around the corner for an annual checkup and shots. One of my twin daughters wanted to join, so she jumped in the cab for the ride.

We were rolling through an intersection at about 50mph – nearly to our destination – when an older gentleman hit me head-on going about the same speed.

The impact felt incredible. Thankfully, the airbags deployed and saved my 9-year-old daughter. As soon as I was able to check on her and make sure she was ok, I looked around for the GUNNER kennel and saw that it had been thrown 30 yards from the wreck. 

I ran over to check on Charli. Thankfully the door to that Large kennel stayed closed before, during & after the collision, containing my dog. I opened the door and Charli was completely fine. If you knew the impact of this wreck (just look at the pictures), you’d be shocked at the condition of the kennel. It’s a little scratched on top, and barely at a corner, but it’s functional.

I ended up breaking my arm in the wreck, but I’d take that any day to ensure that my other passengers ended up safe.

By the way, I usually tie the dog crate down with your straps… but the vet was just around the corner, so I didn’t bother this time. The crate was tossed into the intersection and GUNNER protected my dog thoroughly, but you can bet I’ll be tying the kennel down with your straps every single ride, from here on out. They say a majority of wrecks happen within a couple miles of your house and the statistic proved right in this case.

Thank you to Gunner for saving my dog.

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