As Told By Gunner

Not even four months ago, I purchased 4 Gunner Kennels. Two G1™ Smalls for my car, and two G1™ Intermediates for my truck.

I purchased them after I saw photos of accidents with vehicles and dogs riding with. The dogs were safe because they were kenneled. I wanted the best for my dogs: 2 mini schnauzers and 2 standard schnauzers.

Not only do we drive locally for agility and scent work trials, but we also travel the country competing.

On a Friday this past winter, my worst fear happened. I was in a severe car accident with my Nissan Sentra and I had my mini schnauzer girls with me ( “Rainey” and “Aurora”). We were coming home from an agility trial.

I was getting on one freeway to another, and rear-ended an SUV coming off a cloverleaf turn. The memory is so blurry and traffic was so bad – I honestly can’t tell you how it happened. I do know I was going roughly 35-45MPH. But my car crumbled. Air bag deployed.

I had a wicked seat belt bruise. My neck and upper back hurt. But my girls didn’t budge. They were in their own individual Gunner crates in the back seat, with their Gunner Orthopedic Beds and blankets.

And they were fine. They were most startled by their kennels being lifted into the tow truck. The Small kennels were secured at the time by the seatbelts, but I now have the Gunner straps in the truck and now in my Subaru Ascent too.

I hurt worse over the next few days. But, I will forever be thankful that 4 months ago I listened to my gut and purchased these Gunner kennels! They saved my dogs’ lives!

I hate to admit, but I was that owner. The one who let her dog lay on her lap because she wanted to be close to me. But I always knew it wasn’t ok.

If she had been on my lap, Rainey would be dead from the impact of the airbag. Aurora would have flown to the floor and likely broke her back from the impact. My girls, they are my world, would be dead if it wasn’t for Gunner Kennels.

Life is precious. You truly never know when it will change, as it can change so quickly.

Please note: Gunner recommends strapping down your kennel with our Gunner strength-rated straps 100% of the time.

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