DTC Pet Product Company Launches Augmented Reality Feature
A customer in California tries out the Augmented Reality feature

So What Is This Augmented Reality?

We developed 3D models of our (4) sizes of Gunner kennels, so that you can superimpose them – thanks to your Apple device – them into any space you want, at product scale.

We deemed this Augmented Reality (AR) featured GUNNER VISION™ because it allows you to imagine what the dog crate will look like in your truck, SUV, or compact car (yes, our kennels have been crash tested for safety inside of vehicles too). Or, you can even line your dog up next to the box to get a better idea of sizing.

Early Adapters of Gunner Vision™

If you’ve never used AR before, it does take a little bit of tech savviness – but it’s also a whole lot simpler than you’d first think.

Also you need is an Apple device and a Safari browser – and an early adapter attitude – and you’re good to go. Try it out here, we even outline 1-2-3 steps to help guide you. We just released it, and have already heard from customers around the world that it’s really helped make their final decision.

If you’re more of a visual learner, we also put together a short customer video, so you can preview the experience before you try it yourself.

If you use it, let us know what you think! And if you get stuck – or have any questions – you know our customer service team will help you out.

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