Our Dog Died: A Grief Letter To Goose

One week ago today we laid Goose to rest – the ‘younger sister’ of Gunner, who has been part of this GK story since the very beginning. Losing a dog is never easy. But in writing this letter, Gunner Co-Founders Addison and Emily Edmonds are able to send Goose the tribute she deserves, and reflect on the life lessons she gave… while finding a little bit of closure along the way.

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Dear Goose, 

It seems like yesterday you were sleeping in our hands as we drove you home and welcomed you to our life. I think we’ll always remember your last day just as well. We made sure to do all of your favorite things – bacon eating, squirrel chasing, lake swimming, retrieving. It felt like in those small hours we were reliving some of the best memories we’ve shared together. 

In a few short years our family grew from two humans and two dogs to five humans and three dogs. You were, of course, suspicious at first. But there was an unwavering loyalty you shared with our family… even when it meant less focus on you and your best buddy Gunner. We always joked that we should’ve named our company “Goose Kennels.” You were just as present, but always okay with taking the back seat. Honestly I think you were happy to be along for the ride with this crazy crew. 

It was wintertime when they told us you had cancer and we didn’t have much time left. We did everything we could to hold on to you until we couldn’t do much more. There was no way to understand the severity of what this would mean for our family until you were gone. Our biggest solace is that you passed peacefully in our arms, in your favorite place in the world, and for that we are thankful. 

You created so many happy moments for our family. Gifts for which we will always be grateful. But I think your greatest of all was your parting one….. You helped us teach our three little girls about Heaven. How we thank God for His blessings, especially for the ones we call brothers and sisters. That it’s okay to be sad for things loved and lost. 

Even in your last moments you found a way to impact our lives. That’s the kind of friend you were. A dog of a lifetime. 

We love you squirrel girl! Until we meet again,

Addison and Emily Edmonds, Gunner Co-Founders

Emily captured Goose’s last day, clips for her girls to see down the line. Here’s what they’ll remember: 

Goose was first diagnosed with canine lymphoma in January 2018. We wrote about how we found out, and the signs to look for, here. In May 2018 the American Kennel Club (AKC) also wrote about Goose, in their Caring For Your Chronically Ill Dog story

Gunner and Goose
Gunner and Goose

“They are your best friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. 

You are their life, their love, their leader. 

Be worthy of such devotion.”

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