Pet Travel Safety Products Investigated: The Today Show

The Gunner Kennel G1 Intermediate was one of four, and the only dog crate, out of 29 pet travel products not to fail when crash tested.

Pet Travel Safety Products Investigated: The Today Show

If you were watching the TODAY show on NBC Tuesday morning, you may have seen the report by national investigative correspondent, Jeff Rossen. You can watch the video here, but to summarize, it states that there is no oversight on the claims pet travel products make and when 29 crates, carriers and harnesses were crash tested by the Center for Pet Safety, only four passed the test.

This isn’t a surprise to us. In fact, it was why we started Gunner Kennels in the first place. We were tired of replacing Gunner’s crate every year. If a crate can’t survive a season of duck hunting without breaking, how will it offer any protection in a crash?

I finally exhausted the search for the perfect travel crate I felt comfortable putting Gunner in and that fit the lifestyle of a family dog owner. It wasn’t out there. So, I set out to build Man’s Best Kennel™ for my best friend.

After thoughtfully designing and vigorously testing our crate over a couple years, we started selling them to other dog owners in the spring of 2015. Then, in the summer, it was included in the official crash test conducted by the Center For Pet Safety and Subaru USA. The G1 Intermediate™ was named the 2015 Top Performer Award in the test.

What’s alarming is how poorly the other so-called crash tested and “safe” dog crates held together in a 30 mph simulated crash.

We are happy pet safety is gaining national attention. Numerous national television shows, magazines and newspapers are sharing the findings of the crate study. As the manufacturer of the safest dog crate, we are working hard on producing more crate sizes.

The G1 Large will be released soon and we are currently working on smaller sizes that’ll keep your pet safe and secure. Stay tuned to our blog, Instagram and Facebook pages for updates.

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