Our Other Love — Spring Turkey Season

Spring is in full swing at GUNNER HQ in Nashville, TN, which means that for Addison and others on the team, their attention in the outdoors turns to Turkeys. If you asked most waterfowl hunters (GUNNER team included) whether they preferred their pursuit of migratory birds in the fall/winter or getting after longbeards in the spring, they’d be hard-pressed to choose one over the other.

Like every other hunter that spends their spring mornings chasing the adrenaline rush afforded by a vocal gobbler, Addison’s given a fair amount of thought to completing a single season, North American slam. After all, it’s no small accomplishment to harvest each of the four main subspecies — known as the Eastern, Rio, Merriam, and Osceola — in one calendar year. More than that, the pursuit will take you to some unique and amazing different landscapes. Lifelong hunter, chef, entrepreneur, pilot, and renaissance man John Cassimus has decided to tackle this challenge this season — and set a new world record in the process.

Partnering with Trips4Trade, John has set forth to complete the turkey hunting grand slam in under 36 hours, crushing the current world record, with the goal of raising money for the NWTF. Head on over to Under36.com to check out all the official details, see where to follow John on his adventure, and learn how you’re able to be involved. Most importantly, you’ll be invited to make your best guess on how long it will take John to finish the slam and donate to support NWTF.

Every donation to the NWTF to enter the competition receives a $25 gift card to Bass Pro Shops, and enters you to win a portion of over $20,000 in prizes, including a certain dog kennel and food crate package.

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