Winner of the Best Dog Crate for Car Travel

Crash testing was a critical part to Gunner Kennels’ R&D process as Addison was building the G1™ dog crate and it impacted every aspect of its final design. That attention to detail and refusal to quit until he built the best, safest travel crate is what earned the G1™ the market’s only 5 Star Crash Test Rating.

This included the Gunner strap system, which secures the box to the vehicle – an important part of the safety factor for your K-9. If you’re in an accident with your dog in the crate, you want to make sure it’s not going anywhere (for the safety of both your dog & fellow car passengers – read some of our save stories).

So in all those third-party crash tests, we were also making sure our Tie Down Strap Kit passed muster.

In our own initial crash testing (before the G1™ was ever sold), the original strap accessory we had planned to sell actually broke – so Addison went back to the drawing board with those. 

The straps we offer on gunner.com today have been tested and proven in all of our crash test scenarios and adhere to the CPS safety standards. Other straps broke in the testing, like you can see below.

Note: the left kennel is a double-door kennel with openings on each side. The Gunner has one door. The two crates are on the same sled, with the same anchor points, at a simulated 30 mph frontal collision. We chose this video to show the importance of choosing the right straps for your crate in case of an accident.

So yes, the Gunner straps may be pricier than some you find online, but the quality construction guarantees that your heavy-duty kennel is staying strapped and secure when anchored to the right vehicle points with these straps. Some specs on them:

• MFG Rated 2,500 Pound Load Capacity Cam Buckle
• MFG Rated 4,250 Pound Break Strength Nylon Webbing
• 380 Degree Fahrenheit Melting Point

Gunner recommends anchoring the kennel to your vehicle 100% of the time through our stainless-steel tie-down pins – for both your safety, and your dog’s.

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