As Told By Gunner

A few months ago I was driving home one Sunday morning from a hunt. My 80 lb. chocolate lab Mojo was with me, riding in a Gunner G1™ Large in the bed of my Ford F250. We had just spent a good day together out there.

I was on the interstate going about 65MPH when I had a blowout. You know – or you can imagine – how those go. My vehicle slammed into the concrete median at a very high rate of speed. Not good. There were a bunch of items in the back of my truck that I saw go flying, including heavier products like a Yeti cooler that dumped out onto the highway. 

In the end I was fine. So when it was safe for me to get out of the truck, I ran to the back where my dog was and realized the Gunner kennel had barely moved. Definitely not a scratch on it. I own the straps and usually secure it, but this time it hadn’t even been strapped down.

Mojo was shaken from the impact but good to go. He walked away with zero injuries. The same can’t be said for my truck, unfortunately.

My truck’s done for, but my dog’s not. Thank you Gunner.

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