Tips on How to Travel With A Dog

Thinking about taking your dog along on this year’s holiday vacation? Well, you’re not alone. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that over a million pets travel with their owner’s for the holidays. So, it’s important to see to the safety of your dog if you intend to bring him along for holiday trips. 

Before you take off to see friends and family, here are a few tips to keep your dog as safe as possible. 

Make Plans

Hopefully, your dog is already accustomed to traveling. If so, traveling on the holidays will be a breeze.  The first trip is often the toughest, especially if you are using a dog crate  for the first time. Make sure your pet’s kennel is clean and comfortable, and choose a fun destination to help your pet warm up to travel. We recommend introducing your dog to our G1™ Series crates long before you intend to travel with them. Your dog should feel that his kennel is a safe zone. This will make traveling a lot smoother for him.

Plan For Extra Stops

Include extra stops for exercise and bathroom breaks.  Pausing to let your dog out to stretch and relax for a few minutes every hour or so can make a big difference in the overall effect traveling has on your dog. Keep a few treats on hand, and also clean water. Don’t forget the cleaning supplies just in case. 

Make Sure Your Dog Enjoys the “Vacation” 

A few familiar toys will help comfort your dog. Reward your dog each time you stop along the way to enforce that traveling in the crate is a fun and positive thing. Be sure to plan time for play or training while you are there. Holiday traveling is a great time to socialize your pet to new surroundings and better prepare him for future trips. There’s nothing better than having the enjoyment of a well behaved dog around at family functions that everyone enjoys. 

Follow these tips and keep it fun for your dog this holiday season. Keeping safety in mind will ensure that you and your pet have a great experience traveling this holiday season. 

Make Sure Your Dog Enjoys the "Vacation”

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